Phoenix Courier & Cargo Pvt. Ltd. knows very well that they have been in business because of their clients and hence puts in every effort to match the toughest demands from them. This has enabled us to retain clients over a long term against stiff competition. The long experience in the industry, helps us to deliver your documents/samples on committed time even in the most trying conditions.
 Intracity provides a Delivery within 24 hours.
 Domestic provides a 'next day' early morning delivery to most of India's location.
 Delivery to more than 1000 Location all over India & Trustworthy delivery boys rich  door-delivery
 Free Pickup from your Desk
 Through the net, providing you with information on your shipments from pickup to  delivery.
 Best possible Commercial air network is used to ensure guaranteed upliftment for  earliest delivery. at the major metros.
 Servicing more than 200 international destinations with multiple and reputed carriers  for both documents and non-documents.
   Prohibited Terms :
 Stamped and prepaid postal envelopes and parcels
 Uncrossed (bearer) drafts / cheque, currency and coins
 Firearms, explosives and military equipment
 Hazardous and radioactive material
 Foodstuff and liquor
 Any pornographic material
 Hazardous chemical items
 All items that infringe the Indian Postal Act Of 1898 and all restricted items as per the guidelines of IATA
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